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Pay What you Can Clinic


This is an opportunity to spend 30 minutes with a Physiotherapist.

This is a consult to discuss your injury/condition, assess, diagnose, and receive recommendations on self management strategies and advice on future care.


Please note this is not a massage, acupuncture or a manual therapy session.


 At this time, the pay what you can clinic will be held 1x a month, on the last Friday of the month between 3-5pm.


You can book online here



e-mail and reference the Pay What You Can Clinic for more information and availability.

Complete the online intake forms with as much detail as possible. The more information you provide us with, the better picture we will have going into your consultation. 

Arrive on time, be prepared to move, and ready to learn about about injury and recovery.

At the end of the session you will be given the opportunity to "Pay What You Can" and receive a receipt, with no questions asked.

Disclaimer: You should be aware that this is a shortened physiotherapy session to what we normally offer. We are required by our college to provide the highest quality of care at all times, under all circumstances, and this does not change for our Pay What You Can Clinic. However, it should be noted that our regular Physiotherapy assessments are one hour, and we continue to assess and adapt our treatment plan throughout our follow-up sessions according to our client's progression. We do not believe in a "one and done approach", but we do know that a 30 minute consultation, with a qualified professional, is an excellent way to get clear, concise, evidence-based recommendations and self-management tools to help you on the road to recovery.


Physiotherapy is an excellent option to manage pain, recover from injury, and improve your quality of life (among many other benefits). As physiotherapists we are first contact practitioners, which mean we are trained in the assessment, clinical diagnosis, treatment planning of physical health related issues. 


Unfortunately, physiotherapy is not readily available to everyone and we know that financial circumstances is often a barrier to care. At The Physio Hub, we believe in the benefits of high quality Physiotherapy and are advocates for improving the accessibility to our profession; so we have decided to start a "Pay What You Can" clinic, as a small step to help with accessibility to Physiotherapy for the Collingwood community. 

a physio assessing knee pain
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