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Pelvic Health


Conditions related to the pelvic floor and core can be a sensitive subject. Vanessa has been treating both men and women for nearly a decade and is an expert at creating a very comfortable and open environment in a private space. 

Vanessa provides 1:1 therapy and is experienced in working a range of pelvic health conditions, including:

  • incontinence,

  • persistent pelvic pain, 

  • pelvic organ prolapse,

  • interstitial cystitis,

  • vaginismus,

  • dyspareunia (painful intercourse),

  • vulvodynia,

  • rectus diastasis,

  • and much more.


Most recently she has specifically been working with women during pregnancy and postpartum helping them remain active and enjoying day-to-day life without pain, discomfort or uncomfortable symptoms. 

Treatment includes a combination of manual techniques, soft tissue work and home workout programs targeted to your specific needs, goals and lifestyle. Together we work to decrease your symptoms and return to doing all the things you enjoy. 

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