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Aqua Therapy- Pure Movement

Victoria Galletta is a Registered Kinesiologist in Collingwood, and owner of Pure Movement. Her clinical focus is with Aqua Therapy, and it is safe to say she is AWESOME at it. She was one of the first connections we made when we moved to Collingwood, and we have developed a close working relationship at The Physio Hub.

Aqua Therapy is an excellent option for treatment of lots of conditions. We don't pretend to be the experts in Aqua Therapy so it is best to check out Pure Movement's website for more information.

We know that exercise and an active approach to rehab and recovery is important, but sometimes we do find that getting the right dosage, intensity, frequency etc to make positive change is challenging on land because of pain, mobility, or other issues. This is when we most often call up Victoria and ask for her help and expertise with the pool. There are lots of therapeutic advantages of exercise in the water, and it can be a fantastic addition to the rehab programme!

Do not hesitate to contact us, or even better Victoria at Pure Movement to find out more information on Aqua Therapy and if it is appropriate for you.

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