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OA Optimism

Knee Osteoathritis (OA) is something that we discuss a lot in clinic, either directly with people who are seeing us for treatment, or indirectly as an underlying long term condition whilst we are helping them with something else.

There is a HUGE amount of misunderstanding and misinformation about OA. A lot of this is because we 20 years ago we did not know as much about it, and there has been a huge increase in research and understanding since then.

OA Optimism is a fantastic education resource for Knee OA put together by renowned physiotherapist Greg Lehman. It is FREE and all of the videos are on YouTube. We always send our clients to view these videos, as it is a great way to reinforce and continue to educate them on their symptoms and management, even when they are not in the clinic.

One of the best things about the videos is that they are only 2-6 minutes long! There are 10 of them and you can easily split them up into bitesize portions at different times.

Here is the link below, and please do reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

OA Optimism by Greg Lehman

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