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Physiotherapy that goes beyond the treatment table

Sports Injuries + Neuro Rehab

the physio hub

The Physio Hub is located in Collingwood, ON, and we are passionate about healthcare and rehab. As physiotherapists, we love working with our clients to get out of pain, manage their conditions, and help them reach their goals.

We focus on providing excellent care through evidence-based physiotherapy, and spending our time on effective treatment strategies. We work with you to implement change, and build trusting relationships.

Our model of care focuses on 1-on-1 physiotherapy treatment sessions, followed by detailed and personalized treatment plans. We continually assess and adapt what is needed to keep you moving forwards, and ultimately reach your goals.

We believe that high quality physiotherapy goes much beyond the treatment table. Our focus is on being active during your recovery, and teaching you what can be done to help yourself, continually improve and prevent further issues as best as possible.




Concussion Management

Sports Injuries

Neurological injuries

Amputee Rehabilitation

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