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Home workouts

We get a lot of questions asking about exercising at home and different resources for people to get inspiration and workout ideas from.

There is lots available, and it depends a lot on your exercise preferences.

Home workout app

The Nike Training Club App is one of our favourites. Available on all app platforms.

There are 100s of workouts on there, with videos and clear instruction. Workouts are categorised by the type of workout you are looking for, length of time, your exercise level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and the amount of equipment you have available.

Best of all, it is FREE and it doesn't pressure you to sign up for premium options constantly (at least it didn't at time of writing).

Matt has used this app on and off for a long time, depending on how often he is in the gym, or when he is just looking for inspiration and new ideas, or when he doesn't want to think at all and just follow someone else's instruction!

exercise at home

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